Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bathroom Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is one of the most integral accessories in your bathroom, and it can easily become one of the most neglected. Easy as it is to simply hang a plastic curtain and forget about it, that tactic deprives you of the opportunity to make any kind of decorative statement. By getting creative with your shower curtain's color and texture, you can transform the look and feel of the entire room.

Bath Towel Curtain
The soft, absorbent, often-colorful bath towel is a ubiquitous icon of plush and cozy bathrooms everywhere. Pump up the comfort in your bathroom by replacing your vinyl shower curtain with this DIY project. Take two cloth bath towels, and lay them out next to each other, their long sides touching. Select towels that are the same size with the same embellishments, not necessarily the same color; complementary colors add variety to the curtain. With the towels lined up perfectly, stitch the two edges together. When they are sewn together, choose one of the shorter ends for the curtain to hang from. Punch evenly-spaced holes along this edge, embellish them with grommets, and hang the towels from your shower curtain rod.

Patchwork Curtain
If your bathroom is outdated, old or just plain boring, spruce it up with a homemade patchwork shower curtain. Packed with color and bold prints, this curtain lends character to even the blandest shower stall. Begin by either purchasing fabric or going through your leftover scraps; this project is an ideal way to use up old and mismatched fabrics. Choose complementary colors and patterns, and lay them all out on a big, flat work surface, like your floor. Determine exactly how much fabric you have in each pattern, and plan out a patchwork design that fills about 71x76 inches. Cut out your fabrics, and carefully stitch them together according to your plan. Outfit your new shower curtain with holes and grommets so you can hang it.

Unconventional Crafting
Experiment with different fabrics, including those that aren't necessarily related to bathrooms, to create a new shower curtain. For example, trim a Dacron sail to shower curtain size; they're waterproof, durable and soft. Even hanging an old shower curtain in a new way is sometimes the change you're looking for. Cut a shower curtain in half, for example, to create a two-piece shower curtain that splits and meets in the middle of the tub. For those who don't like cutting or sewing fabrics, hang a shower curtain rod high up near the ceiling, and suspend the curtain from long, thin metal chains instead of traditional hooks.

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