Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bathroom Shower Ideas

Bathroom is one place where people spend loads of time to decorate it according to one’s tastes and preferences. Usually, one sees bathroom showers decorated with light or subtle designs and colors. If you are new to creating your own bathroom shower space, you may want to know the following bathroom shower ideas.

Firstly, bathroom showers are basically divided into 2 types: showers made of tiles and showers made of impact resistant acrylic materials. The acrylic surface is easier to clean and maintain, whereas, the tile surface is prone to water stains but they can be self installed.

Secondly, decide on the size of bathroom shower enclosure. Do you want to keep it simple? Or, you want it to have accessories like massage tools, clothes hanging space, and others. The cost varies as you add on to bathroom shower.

Thirdly, decide on bathroom shower size. Is there enough space for a big shower or do you have to keep it real compact? For smaller bathroom shower tiles, consider the size 4″x4″ or 6″x6″.

Fourthly, rather than simple bathroom shower ideas, consider hand painted tiles or those that have nice picture created on them. So, when finally all the tiles are installed, it will look like a wall mural.

Fifthly, if you want to experiment more with bathroom shower tiles, consider glass tiles, acrylic tiles, glass blocks with borders, glazed vitreous, travertine, and others. More complicated installation and exquisite materials used in bathroom shower means it is going to cost you more and will require more maintenance.

Sixthly, choose only from those bathroom shower ideas on tiles that will match the color scheme of the overall appearance of the bathroom. If the bathroom is painted green, you sure don’t want red colored tiles unless you have unique color combination preferences as compared to others! Matching or contrasted bathroom shower tile will enhance the overall appearance.

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